10 Organizations Promoting ‘Made in USA’ Goods

Most American’s would indeed prefer to procure American-made goods. But the situation on the ground is really different. Most U.S. citizens will easily go for easier alternatives, forgetting to put their money where their mouth is. The entry of Chinese counterfeits and other dirt-cheap foreign goods has dealt a massive blow to true American-made manufacturing of quality goods. This has seen a number of organizations join hands to encourage people to prioritize home-made, which is good for creating local jobs, and promoting the local economy. Below are a number of platforms that either list or promote American-made products.

1. The Made in America Movement – this is a bipartisan effort that’s promoting quality American-made goods by providing resource lists, and sharing ideas on how to get involved with USA-made products.

Made in America

2. Save the Garment Center – this is a trade association whose core goal is to support the Garment Canter in New York City. Already, the group is doing a good job at promoting the Made in USA brands that are using this center. Their website features a list of American-made accessory brands and clothing such as Nanette Lepore, Ana Sui, Jolie, and Elizabeth, as well as Helmut Lang.

Save the Garment Center

3. Etsy – this is a premier e-commerce marketplace that brings together artists, and gives them a profitable medium to be entrepreneurs. Etsy has empowered millions of people with the opportunity to own their own businesses by selling handmade and USA products.


4. Haute Americana – this is a group that shines a light on the most influential American fashion brands. All the fashion pieces highlighted on their website feature ‘Made in America’ labels. They also demonstrate great quality, impeccable style, and original craftsmanship. The site also features designer profiles and cites celebrities who are promoting American-manufactured fashion.

Haute Americana

5. Sourcemap – this is a useful initiative created by MIT Media Lab that allows you to track where some of your most favorite daily products come from. You can also learn what they’re made of, and how they’ve impacted the lives of people, the economy as well as the environment.


6. Made in the USA Foundation – promotes American-made products towards fostering a prosperous and job-abundant economy. The website lists stores and products that promote the same values.

Made in USA Foundation

7. American Made Matters – this group focuses on heartening American consumers to purchase more American-made products as a way of strengthening the economy. Their website highlights, under a ‘Buy American’ tab, a list of recommended quality products.

American Made Matters

8. The Continuous Lean: The American List – highlights a list of cool and stylish brands that make their wares in the U.S.A. The main goal of this effort is to appeal to younger, stylish consumers to prioritize cool ‘Made in America’ products.

Continous Lean

9. USA Love List – built on the principle of promoting great American wares, U.S.A. Love List was created to direct consumers to great American products. The list also inspires more firms to manufacture and merchandise American-made goods.


10. Made in USA Challenge – this is a marketplace, a master list, and numerous giveaways of American-made products that are ethically made, eco-friendly and top-quality.

Made in USA Challenge

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