Buy “Made in the USA”!


If we do a very general survey and ask every other passer-by whether or not they would prefer items that are made in the USA, then odds are that 10 out of 10 people will readily agree to the fact. They will nod their head and prefer products made in the USA. However, when it boils down to the statistics of people actually buying these products, there is another story altogether.

Most of these people do not want to put their money where their mouth is. If they are given an option wherein they get an opportunity to save some money by buying goods that look as though they are made in the USA but in reality are actually manufactured in China, we will find that 9 out of the 10 people will happily go in for the Chinese products. Out of the window flies the craze for products made in the USA. At the end it all boils down to how much they can save.

This is one of the primary reasons for the Chinese goods market thriving and growing by leaps and bounds across the different countries of the world.

However, if one could rethink on this decision, one most definitely should. There are more than one reasons as to why one should go in for the original products made in the USA even if they have to pay a premium for it, rather than going in for the Chinese counterfeits.

Even ‘Made in USA‘ Love Doesn’t Just Break – Demi Lovato’s Hit Song 🙂

Let us look at a few such reasons.

  • The quality of the products actually made in the USA are far more superior to the ones made in China. They look better, feel better and last much longer. If you are looking at products like cosmetics, original ones made in USA will ensure that no harm or side effects is caused to your hair or skin. Similarly, if you are looking at electronics, you can rest assured that the original ones manufactured in USA will not malfunction and put you in danger.
  • Today most of the countries where manual labor is rampant, do not follow any policies of minimum wages. Even if they do, the minimum wages that they pay are unbelievably on the lower side. However, USA has a strict minimum wage policy. Hence when you choose to purchase items that are made in the USA, you do your bit by ensuring that justified wages are paid to the person who has put his/her effort into making that product at some stage or the other.
  • USA has a very strict policy about controlling environmental pollution. This is another reason why the products manufactured there are charged at a premium. They follow stringent methods of waste disposal to ensure that the pollution levels are kept to a minimum. When you purchase products that are made in the USA, then you can rest assured that you are not adding too much to the already polluted environment.

10 Organizations Promoting ‘Made in USA’ Goods

Most American’s would indeed prefer to procure American-made goods. But the situation on the ground is really different. Most U.S. citizens will easily go for easier alternatives, forgetting to put their money where their mouth is. The entry of Chinese counterfeits and other dirt-cheap foreign goods has dealt a massive blow to true American-made manufacturing of quality goods. This has seen a number of organizations join hands to encourage people to prioritize home-made, which is good for creating local jobs, and promoting the local economy. Below are a number of platforms that either list or promote American-made products.

1. The Made in America Movement – this is a bipartisan effort that’s promoting quality American-made goods by providing resource lists, and sharing ideas on how to get involved with USA-made products.

Made in America

2. Save the Garment Center – this is a trade association whose core goal is to support the Garment Canter in New York City. Already, the group is doing a good job at promoting the Made in USA brands that are using this center. Their website features a list of American-made accessory brands and clothing such as Nanette Lepore, Ana Sui, Jolie, and Elizabeth, as well as Helmut Lang.

Save the Garment Center

3. Etsy – this is a premier e-commerce marketplace that brings together artists, and gives them a profitable medium to be entrepreneurs. Etsy has empowered millions of people with the opportunity to own their own businesses by selling handmade and USA products.


4. Haute Americana – this is a group that shines a light on the most influential American fashion brands. All the fashion pieces highlighted on their website feature ‘Made in America’ labels. They also demonstrate great quality, impeccable style, and original craftsmanship. The site also features designer profiles and cites celebrities who are promoting American-manufactured fashion.

Haute Americana

5. Sourcemap – this is a useful initiative created by MIT Media Lab that allows you to track where some of your most favorite daily products come from. You can also learn what they’re made of, and how they’ve impacted the lives of people, the economy as well as the environment.


6. Made in the USA Foundation – promotes American-made products towards fostering a prosperous and job-abundant economy. The website lists stores and products that promote the same values.

Made in USA Foundation

7. American Made Matters – this group focuses on heartening American consumers to purchase more American-made products as a way of strengthening the economy. Their website highlights, under a ‘Buy American’ tab, a list of recommended quality products.

American Made Matters

8. The Continuous Lean: The American List – highlights a list of cool and stylish brands that make their wares in the U.S.A. The main goal of this effort is to appeal to younger, stylish consumers to prioritize cool ‘Made in America’ products.

Continous Lean

9. USA Love List – built on the principle of promoting great American wares, U.S.A. Love List was created to direct consumers to great American products. The list also inspires more firms to manufacture and merchandise American-made goods.


10. Made in USA Challenge – this is a marketplace, a master list, and numerous giveaways of American-made products that are ethically made, eco-friendly and top-quality.

Made in USA Challenge

Online Deals

How to Find Great Deals Online

About a decade ago, online shopping pioneers such as were just struggling to find an audience for the new concept. Fast-forward to today and the situation is totally different. Businesses and companies that are not leveraging the internet are losing a lot of potential exposure. The majority of people are comparing prices and shopping online, right from the convenience of their homes. But how can these people make sure that they actually get the best deals every time they set out to shop via the World Wide Web? This article provides some essential tips how.

Find Deals

If your primary goal is to score awesome, money-saving deals, you can start from sites that hunt bargains on your behalf. These are website platforms that scour the web to find the most significant discounted items, saving both money and time for you. The good news is that these sites are actually many. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • com – awesome deal hunting site that keeps an open eye to find offers on millions of products from over 2000 reputable retailers, and works with merchants to provide exclusive deals that you won’t find elsewhere. This site is updated at least 200 times daily, so you should check it as often as possible whenever you need to shop.
  • Ben’s Bargains – this is another valuable deals site that brings together bargain offers from over 2000 retailers. It’s updated at least 150 times daily, with helpful filtering options.
  • Brad’s Deals – find the best coupons, rebates, sales prices and store rewards from 3,800+ retailers. One of the best things about this deals site is that it’s so easy to navigate, plus you can sort deals by popularity and time posted.
  • com – features great deals from 6, 000+ stores and companies, organized in 300 categories and updated daily. In addition, directs to local deals in over 75 cities.
  • com and – great deals websites with hundreds of offers posted on their forums daily.

Find the Lowest Price

Looking out for the lowest price is another way to find great deals online. Price-comparison sites output lists of retailers offering a specific pride and provide details related to shipping costs, ratings and seller information. Google Shopping and are the two leading price comparison sites. However, you can also get instant price comparisons via, which is effectively a browser add-on. You can install on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox browsers, plus you don’t have to register to get this tool.

Try Cyber-Coupons

Before you make the buying decision when shopping online, it helps to check for coupon and promo codes for the specific product you’re interested in. Coupons are special codes that are entered during checkout to activate a pre-determined discount. Most retailers will advertise coupons through email lists, social media as well as on their websites whenever they are available. A quick Google search should get you started on the right note. Other than that, you can check, and to find the latest coupon codes on a massive variety of products from scores of vendors.

Gift Cards

You can cleverly use gift cards to save money on your online shopping. CardCash and Gift Card Granny are two excellent sites that sell merchant’s gift cards at a discounted price. Purchase a discounted gift card and use it to buy products so that you end up saving money.

Since high shipping fees can also greatly add to the cost of a product, you can benefit from free shipping deals from This site highlights shipping coupons from over 4,000 merchants, including Target and Best Buy.

U.S. Regulators Investigating Chinese Theft of American Trade Secrets

U.S. regulators are investigating the theft of American trade secrets from Chinese steelmakers. This development just adds more tension to accusations that Beijing is flooding the world market with low-cost steel. The International Trade Commission was responding to a complaint by America’s Steel Corp., which has said that sensitive information was stolen in 2011 by hackers backed by the Chinese government. Reportedly, U.S. Steel Corp. is requesting retaliatory actions such as blocking the import of alloy steel and carbon produced using the stolen knowledge.

American Steel

The complaint, made earlier in April 2016, also accuses Chinese steel producers of price collusion and hiding the origin of steel supplies. This has enabled them to flood the American market and destroy competition. In response, China’s Ministry of Commerce opposed the accusations and dismissed them as ‘obvious trade protectionism’. The ministry also said it’d encourage the mentioned companies to stage their defense.

In recent times, Beijing has been facing heightened criticism from both Europe and the United States, who have both accused it of exporting significantly low-priced steel to wipe out backlogs from its home market. This, according to the Western governments, threatens tens of thousands of jobs.

Washington has however taken action against China. Twice over the last few weeks, the U.S. imposed punitive duties targeting steel imports from China. Tem motive behind this was to offset improperly low prices and subsidies. The European Union has also launched an independent investigation into Chinese steel exports earlier May 2016, following extensive protests by the region’s steelworkers. Sell money-losing operations that employ 20, 000 people.

In the UK, Tata Steel blamed cut-throat Chinese competition when it publicized plans to

U.S. Steel Corp. was hacked in 2011 and was one among multiple cyber-attacks highlighted by American prosecutors during the 2014 indictment of 5 Chinese military officers accused of stealing trade secrets from major firms. The Chinese companies mentioned in U.S. Steel’s complaint happen to be some of the largest millers, including Steel Group, Hebei Iron, and Baosteel Group. Reportedly, the stolen info allowed these companies to output advanced high-strength steel that none of them had been able to do before.

The International Trade Commission said that it’d set a date for completion within 45 days of the investigation.

China’s economy has been slowing of late. The emerging economic giant has been trying to cut-down-to-size bloated industries such as coal, steel, cement, solar panel manufacturing and aluminum, whose supplies far exceed demand. This situation has apparently led to cut-throat pricing wars that are leading producers into bankruptcy. The Chinese government is looking to address this situation by encouraging exports and shifting of some operations to foreign countries.

How to Shop Safely Online

Online shopping is on the skyrocket, and there’s every reason why more and more people are shopping online today. For instance, there are many great bargains, a mind-boggling selection, secure shopping, fast shipping, easy returns, and more convenience than ever. Indeed, online shopping is seen as one of the internet’s greatest benefits. But still, there are challenges. Phishing attacks and other hacking exploits that lead to theft of credit cards info and personal credentials are on the rise. There’s also an alarming increase in shopping websites with malware. So how do you stay safe while purchasing goods online?

1.      Shop from Familiar Websites

Sometimes, the basic things can keep your online shopping safe. Rather than doing your shopping from that new site you found through a quick Google search, try to do things from a trusted site such as or eBay – whenever possible. If you’re still going to buy from the little-known site, do some background research to make sure that it’s secure and reputable? Take heed of misspellings on shopping sites using top-level domains other than .com (for example .net). Don’t just get baited by those enticing offers, they might be trying to trick you into giving away sensitive personal info.

2.      Don’t Give Away All Details

Regardless of what you’re buying, you shouldn’t have to provide your birthday or social security number. If a hacker gets this private information, together with your credit card details, they can do a lot of damage. The more crooks know about you, the easier it’ll be for them to steal your identity. Always be in that mindset where you want to give up minimal information.

3.      Look for Secure Websites

As a rule of the thumb, you never-ever want to purchase something using your credit card from a site that doesn’t have SSL encryption. It’s easy to find out, a site that has this form of security starts with HTTPS:// (rather than HTTP://). More so, a locked-padlock icon shows on your browser’s status bar. Whatever the case, never give your credit card details to anyone via email.

4.      Check your Statements

Rather than waiting for your bills to get to you at the end of the month, login to your email regularly and check for electronic statements related to your checking accounts, debit cards and credit cards. The point is to make sure that there no fraudulent charges, even from payment processors such as PayPal. If you pick up something wrong, you want to call the relevant parties and iron out the issues immediately. You have 30 days to notify your card issuer or bank when there’s a problem. However, after that, you’re liable for any charges.

5.      Secure your PC

Hackers won’t be just sitting idle waiting for you to provide them with sensitive data – they’ll extend their crooked arm to get into your PC if you’re not secured it enough. Consider installing a trusted anti-malware and anti-virus program. Most good anti-virus software today have protection against phishing, identity theft and other common exploits used by hackers. However, you’re still going to need to be careful and update the program regularly.

6.      Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are necessary so that hackers do not break into your online shopping account through a brute force attack, which uses a computer generated combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters to crack your password. Don’t use passwords such as your name, date of birth, anniversary date or other simple approaches that might be easy to guess.

Although this is not a comprehensive defense plan, these few and seemingly simple measures are a great way to shop safely online.